Welcome to the So Many Places Shop.

We're Kim and Brian.

In the spring of 2012, we left out home in Portland, Oregon, sold nearly all of our possessions, and set out to pursue our dream of traveling the world.

Since that time, we have circumnavigated the globe, visiting 20 countries on 5 continents. During our travels, we have taken thousands of photographs of the beautiful things and people we meet along the way.

The photographs for sale in this shop represent to us the diverse and stunning nature of our planet. We hope that they bring you a little closer to this big world of ours. 

Every once in awhile we will also feature art and handicrafts that we picked up on our travels. These items have traveled with us, schlepped around in our backpacks from country to country, waiting to come to life in the shop. 

We are grateful to have the opportunity to share our travels with you and hope you enjoy discovering the world through our shop.

To learn more about our travels, please visit our blogs So Many Places and Wandering Sasquatch.